TX Cellular Plus

TX Cellular Plus

TX Cellular Plus

The TX Cellular Plus is a state of the art GSM/GPRS alarm transmitter that features dual network SIM functionality.

It is available with either SIM card carriers or the latest chip SIMs. It has seven programmable positive or negative inputs, two relay outputs and an on-board serial port with connection protocols to all the major control panels. Combined with a DTMF contact ID tip & ring interface and full SMS functionality across all interfaces.

Reporting Options

  • Option of Single or Dual SIM card operation for dual network reporting redundancy
  • GPRS reporting to a control room
  • Option of back-off to SMS (to control room) if GPRS is not available
  • SMS directly to cell-phones (up to 10 cell numbers)
  • SMS reporting to cell phones includes full user, zone and partition identification in plain text
  • Can be configured as a simple alarm control panel


  • Full programming and software updating via a computer serial port
  • Full over-the-air programming of all functions via GPRS
  • User function programming via SMS


  • 7 Hardwired inputs with positive trip, negative trip or both
  • Dedicated AC supply monitoring input
  • 2 On-board relay outputs which can be controlled by SMS or missed call
  • Optional 8 input and relay output expansion boards
  • Contact ID tip and ring telephone interface to all leading control panels
  • Serial alarm interface to leading control panels

Indicators & Controls

  • Status and error indication via a seven segment display
  • SIM card or chip SIM

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