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Secu Solutions

Automated security solutions that drive down costs, reduce losses and improve productivity

With vast knowledge and extensive experience in Africa we know we can deliver quality solutions to protect your assets

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fever screening solutions

Coronavirus fever screening solutions using FLIR A320 infrared thermal cameras

Designing the right solution for you

Secu Solutions focuses on high-value, strategic sectors where security technology is of paramount importance.

Traditional security manpower is no longer the most cost-efficient or effective way to manage risk in hazardous environments.

Our goal is to drive down overall costs and reduce losses whilst improving health and safety, and escalating productivity.

Secu Solutions is brand agnostic. We design security solutions that solve our clients’ specific problems.

We use the best technology and hardware suited to their particular environment.

Sectors we protect

Mine Security

Petrochemical Oil & Gas

Ports & Harbours

Industrial Estates & Factories

Heavy Industry

Border Surveillance


Search & Rescue

Residential Estates

Golf Courses

Pipe Lines

Recreational Facilities

Solution engineering

A complex project involves pulling together multiple software and hardware components, security systems, integrating systems and data sources, managing the business continuity plan – and constructing the infrastructure.

The security methods, tools and processes must suit the risks associated with the solution.

The implementation must be secure and accommodate the multiple environments, timelines and budgets.

Our team of experienced specialists collaborate with clients to configure the project, clarify expectations and work with our development team to customise code and configure system requirements.

We co-ordinate the project, set up processes and implement test cases. We work to manage risk and provide our clients with a firm price on the whole project, including future annual maintenance.

Our technology

An example of how we develop solutions with powerful technology: Combining Flir Thermal Technology with Kestrel Land Based MTI (Movement Target Indicators) gives situational awareness of up to 6km radius. One camera can literally do the work of ten’s of kilometres of fencing giving complete situational awareness and surveillance.

What is thermography?

Thermography is the analysis and study of thermal heat and infrared radiation acquired from a thermal imaging device. A thermal camera allows us to accurately monitor and analyse the security ecosystem under any hazardous environmental conditions in real-time and in a non-destructive manner.

Thermography is used in many environments to monitor performance or identify risks.

Field Services

Secu Solutions offers Non-destructive field testing services that are intended to provide customers with cost-saving measures that aim to:

  • Increase production
  • Improve Safety
  • Improve component longevity
  • Identify critical faults before they stop production and cause serious health and safety risks
  • Increase your return on investment (ROI) on critical infrastructure, allowing you to achieve those targets

Secu Solutions utilises qualified, competent and experienced technical staff who do non-destructive testing, allowing for your facilities’ continued utilisation and enabling improved incentives from your insurance.

These services rely on Secu Solutions technicians collecting the data, analysing the data, and providing customers with reports with findings and recommendations. Our core competencies include but are not limited to;

  • Thermographic Inspections
  • Pressurised gas leak detection
  • Partial Discharge Detection

FLIR technical questions and answers

Since most thermal imaging cameras are used in an outdoor environment, the first thing they need to resist are elements like water, wind and the sun.

While it might be expected that rain and wind can damage a poorly designed or poorly assembled camera, the sun is also capable of damaging the sensitive thermal detector in certain thermal imaging cameras not designed to the standards that FLIR Systems maintains.

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FLIR thermal imaging cameras are able to see the sun which is more than 146 million kilometers away from Earth. But it would be totally wrong to say that all FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras can detect security threats at this distance.

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Thermal imaging cameras can see in total darkness, through light fog, light rain and snow.

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A modern cooled thermal imaging camera has an imaging sensor that is integrated with a cryocooler. This is a device that lowers the sensor temperature to cryogenic temperatures.

An uncooled infrared camera is one in which the imaging sensor does not require cryogenic cooling.

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FLIR Systems has developed a powerful algorithm that helps the user overcome the problem of finding low contrast targets in high dynamic range scenes. This algorithm is called Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE).

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The FLIR Thermal Fence gives you instant, automated threat detection and visual threat assessment capability around the clock in one easy-touse package.

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