RHINO Panic Pack

RHINO Panic Pack

advanced panic pack

Rhino Panic Pack is built tough for all environments.

With its tamper proof housing and on-board battery you are assured of adequate standby power and protection when
you need it most. This unit makes use of our exclusive

Radio Polling technology - allowing you to protect what matters most.

Radio Polling

This latest electronic technology is integrated into the Panic Remote. Using bidirectional communication, the remote control gives AUDIBLE and VISIBLE feedback on commands, providing assurance to the user that commands have been executed accurately.  

100 Remotes

Up to 100 panic remotes can be linked and identified at any one time.

6 Dedicated - Identified Inputs

Rhino Panic Pack has 6 dedicated / identified onboard inputs allowing the user to trigger various alarm notifications at the push of a button.

Proprietary Frequency

All wireless signals are transmitted on a Proprietary Frequency.


Supply Voltage 16.5VAC, 20VA Rated PSU Output 1.2A Ripple <5% Current <100mA quiescent <150mA in alarm Standby Battery 12.0V SLA, 7.2Ah Low Voltage Alarm 10.5V Fuses Mains: 315mA, 250V, 20mm Auxiliary 12V: 900mA PTC Battery: 1.6A PTC On-board Zones 6 Dedicated wired inputs Wireless FOBs 100 – Numbered 0 to 99 Panel Outputs (2) 1A switched to 0V


Dimensions 21.5cm x 24.5cm x 7.5cm Housing 1mm Steel Packed Weight 1200g

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