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TM500: 12-Channel Datalogging Thermometer

Datalogging Thermometer with 6 Thermocouple Types (J, K, E, T, R, S)

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The TM500 is a 12-Channel Datalogging Thermometer. This Datalogging Thermometer features 6 Thermocouple Types (J, K, E, T, R, S). Displays CH1 to CH8 or CH9 to CH12 on screen, data can be recorded from all 12 channels simultaneously onto an SD card in Excel format for further analysis. Complete with 8 AA batteries, 12 general purpose Type K bead wire temperature probes, SD card, and hard carrying case.

Additional information

Type J

-148 to 2102°F (-100 to 1150°C)

Type K

-148 to 2372°F (-100 to 1300°C)

Type T

-148 to 752°F (-100 to 400°C)

Type E

-148 to 1652°F (-100 to 900°C)

Type R

32 to 3092°F (0 to 1700°C)



Basic Accuracy

±0.4% rdg (+1.8°F/+1°C) Types J, K, E, T; ±0.5% rdg (+5°F/+3°C) Types R, S


Datalog readings on SD card (included)

Dimensions/ Weight

8.9 x 4.9 x 2.5" (225 x 125 x 64mm)/ 2.1lbs (944g)

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