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TM20: Compact Temperature Indicator

Waterproof Temperature Indicator with Stainless Steel Probe

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The TM20 is a Compact Waterproof Temperature Indicator with Stainless Steel Probe. Includes 0.78″ (20mm) stainless steel probe with 9.6ft (2.9m) cable. Measures temperature from -40°F to 158°F (-40°C to 70°C). Complete with foot stand, temperature sensor, and a CR2032 3V button battery. CE certified.

Additional information


Multi‐function LCD

Measurement range

‐40 to 70°C (‐40 to 158°F)




0.5°C: 0° to 24°C 1.0°C: ‐20° to ‐1°C and 25° to 49°C 2.0°C: ‐40° to ‐21°C and 50° to 200°C 0.9°F: 32° to 75°F 1.8°F: ‐4° to 31°F and 76° to 120°F 3.6°F: ‐40° to ‐5°F and 121° to 392°F

Protection safety rating

IP65 rating on meter and sensors

Power supply

CR2032 3V button battery

Meter Dimensions

86(L) x 57(H) x 30(D) mm / 3.4(L) x 2.2(H) x 1.2(D)"

Cable length

209m (9.6 ft.)

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