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TKG250: Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge/Datalogger with Color Waveform

Compact rugged meter for non-destructive thickness measurements

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The TKG250 is a Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge/Datalogger with Color Waveform function. Extech offers Thickness Gauges designed in compact, handheld, rugged housing ideal for field use. The ultrasonic technology allows for non-destructive thickness measurements for primarily steel structures. Datalogs up to 100K readings and can be exported to Excel® for further analysis. Complete with protective holster, 2oz bottle of coolant, 2 AA batteries, 5MHz Transducer, hard carrying case, USB cable and Exporter software.

Additional information

Steel Thickness Range

5MHz probe: 0.040 to 20" (1.0 to 508mm); 10MHz probe: 0.030" to 2" (0.76mm to 50.8mm)

Material velocity calibration range

0.200 to 0.7362 in/μS (0.508 to 18.699mm/μS)


English, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, German, Portuguese, Slovak, Finnish, and Hungarian

Hold Mode

Holds display to retain last thickness reading with reverse video display

Freeze Mode

Freezes display (ideal for high temperature readings)




Audible beeping; illuminae flashing display and keypad; and vibration feedback

Illuminating Keypad

F1 = Red, F2 = Yellow, F3 = Green for easy, go/no-go testing

Gain - Variable adjustment

In 1dB steps from 20-90dB or Automatic Gain Control (AGC) for waveform

B-Scan - Displays a cross section of the test piece

Displays a visual cross section of inspection area with no correlation to distance. B-Scan alarm colors consist of: Red = below minimum/above maximum; Yellow = Caution; and Green = Good.

Echo to Echo

Measure the metal thickness only (paint & coatings do not affect base material thickness value)

Differential Mode

Displays the difference from the actual thickness measurement and a user entered reference value

Velocity Mode

Displays acoustic sound speed to measure thickness of unknown materials


Stores 50k readings (expandable to 100k) and 5, 000 waveforms; file names up to 20 characters long; and the included Extech XPorter software extracts .csv data files that can be opened for viewing in MS Excel, Notepad, or Wordpad. File compare & grid review


Adjustment of manual range control or auto zoom tracking to center echoes independent of selected range

Rectification Modes

RF, Half Wave Positive, Half Wave Negative and Full Wave Rectification

Live Waveform (A-Scan)

Full adjustments for gain in 1dB step or AGC, main bang blank, blank after first received echo, range including zoom auto tracking to center echoes independent of material and rectification

Battery Life

8 to 14hrs (depends on operating conditions)

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