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TacFLIR 280-HD

Compact Long Range HD Multi-Spectral Surveillance System

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TacFLIR 280-HD is a high-performance land-based imaging system designed to identify and track smugglers, terrorists, or any other threat – day and night, and in the toughest terrain. Tailored for mobile deployment with high definition imaging and powerful optics and INS, TacFLIR 280-HD reveals the details necessary for long range vehicle detection, identification, and threat assessment.

Additional information

Thermal ImagerSensor type

1280×720 InSb FPA (640 x 480 optional)

Thermal ImagerWavelength

3-5 μm

Thermal ImagerFOVs

Optical: 40°‐2° continuous 4X E‐Zoom: 0.5°

Daylight CameraSensor type

1920×1080 CCD

Daylight CameraFOVs

Optical: 54.4° to 1.5° 3X E-Zoom: 0.5°

Low Light CameraFOVs

Optical: 52.1° to 1.4° 3X E-Zoom: 0.5°

Spotter Scope (Option)Sensor type

1920×1080 CCD or 640×480 SWIR

Spotter Scope (Option)FOVs

CCD: 29.9°, 4.83°, 0.92°, 0.51° (0.25° w/2X E-Zoom) SWIR: 32.8°, 5.32°, 1.01°, 0.56° (0.28° w/2X E-Zoom)


Max Range: 30 km Classification: Class 1 or Class 1M (10 Hz)

Illuminator (Option)

Power: 1 W or 2 W – NIR or SWIR Classification: Class 4

Pointer (Option)

Power: 150 mW Classification: Class 3b

System type

Gyro stabilized TFU w/ seperate CEU

Az. coverage


Digital video


Analog video



RS‐232, RS‐422


RS‐232, RS‐422


MIL‐STD‐810, MIL‐STD‐461

Operating temperature

-40°C to 55°C



Consumption 2

240 W Typical, 350 W Max


Additional 360 W

Dimensions & WeightTFU size

14”(d) x 16”(h) cylindrical volume

Dimensions & WeightTFU weight

<55 lbs

Dimensions & WeightCEU size

12.0 w x 12.0 d x 5.5 h

Dimensions & WeightCEU weight

<19 lb

Other Options & Accessories

Displays & Recorders, 3rd Party Video Processing

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