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TacFLIR 230

Compact Long Range HD Multi-Spectral Surveillance System


The TacFLIR® 230 provides maximum sensor range performance including a high-resolution color zoom TV camera with low light capability, a powerful 640×480 cooled MWIR thermal camera with 18x total magnification, and optional laser pointer and rangefinder. At 41 pounds and with a nine-inch diameter, the TacFLIR 230 provides the ability to deploy on any platform including UGVs.

Additional information

Detector type

Indium Antimonide Focal Plane Array (MWIR)

Zoom ratio

10x continuous zoom plus optional 1.8 x optical extender (18 x total)

Image resolution


Optional zoom extender

1.8 x

Field Of View (FOV)

1.8° – 54°

Low light

0.7 lux in NFOV (0.005 lux in WFOV)


Multimode video autotracker


Class 1 eye-safe


10km (20km on large targets)

Typical Range Accuracy

(+/-) 5m

Nominal wavelength

852 nm

Power(Laser Pointer)

30 mW nominal


Class 3B (per ANSI Z136.1-2007)

System weight

41 lbs (18.5 kg)

Stabilized Gimbal Assembly (SGA)

14in x 16in (356x406mm) (cylindrical volume) 360° AZ Continuous, +60° to -60° EL


RS-232, RS-422, Analog (NTSC or PAL)


18-30 VDC


MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-810, stainless steel cable connectors

Ergonomic, Ruggedized Control Unit

NVIS compatible, Fully sealed design, Backlit

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