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Mobile Surveillance and Deterrence Tower

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Rising over two stories, FLIR SkyWatch gives you the upper hand. See more and respond faster, whether you’re protecting large crowds, guarding parking lots, monitoring for criminal behavior, or assisting search efforts. The rugged, highly-reinforced SkyWatch is a proven mobile surveillance platform that can withstand 60 mph winds while keeping the operator safe, comfortable, and focused. Portable and rapidly deployable, it provides a strategic perspective and symbolic deterrent. When SkyWatch goes up, crime comes down.

Additional information

Height – Transport (Tow)** Values subject to change depending on selected optional configurations

10’ 10”

Height – Transport (Truck)

9’ 5”

Width – Transport

8’ 2”

Length – Transport

One Man Cab 23’ 6” Two Man Cab 24’ 7”

Height – Cab Deployed

30’ 6”

Width – Outriggers Deployed

19’ 0”

Approx. Gross System Weight (lbs)

One Man Cab 11, 550 Two Man Cab 12, 600

Approx. Tongue Weight (lbs)

One Man Cab 1, 900 Two Man Cab 1, 800

2 5/16 Ball


Lunette Eye


16K Single Axle 17.5” Dual Wheel


Dual Pump Hydraulic Lifting System


Hydraulic Reservoir (Gallons)


Gasoline Generator with 20 GallonEVAP Fuel Tank


Diesel 120 V Generator with 78Gallon Fuel Tank


Approx. Gas Generator Run Time

24 Hours

Approx. Diesel Generator Run Time

5 Days

Solar Battery Charging System forGenerator Start


Shore Power

Shore Power

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