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SDL470: UVA/UVC Light Meter/Datalogger

Short-/Long-wave UV Irradiance Light Meter with Datalogging

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The SDL470 is a UVA/UVC Light Meter and Data logger. The SDL470 can measure both long wave and short wave UV irradiance under UVA and UVC light sources respectively. This meter features a cosine correction filter, data logging to Excel format, offset adjustment for relative measurements, type K/J thermocouple input for temperature measurements (probe sold separately), record/recall modes, min and max readings, data hold plus auto power off with disable function. This product comes with a built-in tilt stand, SD memory card, UVA light sensor with protective cover, UVC light sensor, hard case, universal AC adaptor, and 6 x AA batteries.

Additional information

UVA Range

2mW/cm², 20mW/cm²

UVC Range

2mW/cm², 20mW/cm²

Frequency Bandwidth

365nm (UVA); 254nm (UVC)

Type K Temperature

-148 to 2372°F (-100 to 1300°C)

Type J Temperature

-148 to 2192°F (-100 to 1200°C)

Dimensions/ Weight

7.2 x 2.9 x 1.9" (182 x 73 x 47.5mm)/ 16.2oz (475g)

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