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RPM40: Combination Contact/Laser Photo Tachometer

Pocket-Sized Combination Tachometer For Measuring RPM and Linear Surface Speed

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The RPM40 is a pocket contact and laser photo tachometer which provides wide RPM (photo/contact) and Linear Surface Speed measurements. Characters on display reverse direction depending on measurement mode used. The narrow beam Laser photo tachometer is for accurate non-contact RPM measurements up to 4.9ft (1.5m) from the target for improved safety and accessibility. Complete with cone tip and wheel for rpm or linear surface speed, four 1.5V AAA batteries and reflective tape.

Additional information

Range (rpm)

Photo mode: 5 to 99, 999 rpm Contact mode: 0.5 to 19, 999 rpm

Surface Speed

Contact mode: — 2.0 to 78, 740 inches/min — 0.2 to 6560 ft/min — 0.05 to 1999.9 m/min


Photo mode: ±(0.1% rdg +1 digit) Contact mode: ±(0.1% rdg +1 digit)

Sampling Time

Photo mode: 1 sec (> 60 rpm) Contact mode: 1sec (> 6 rpm)


0.1rpm ( < 1000 rpm); 1rpm (> 1000 rpm)

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