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Rhino Wireless PIR


The Rhino Wireless PIR is a professional state-of-the-art motion sensor engineered with the world’s best components and materials, starting with a HighView™ lens and a top-quality infrared detector. Next, a patented modern DSP ASIC directly converts the infrared detector signal into digital form, for best reliability and stability. Finally, the signal is evaluated by HighBar™ processing, for “best-in-class” false alarm rejection with excellent intruder detection.


12m range
Pet immunity
Sleep mode available for high traffic areas

Additional information

IR Sensor:

Dual elements

Power Supply:

3V CR123 Lithium Iron Battery

Alarm Reporting:

RHINO Wireless Telemetry

Housing Material:

High-impact ABS


94 x 50 x 42 mm ( H x W x D )

RF Immunity:

20 V/m, 10-1000 MHz; 10 V/m, 1-2 GHz

White Light Immunity:

6500 lux

Operating TemperatureRange:

-10°C to +55° C

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