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Ranger R5

Long Range, High Resolution Perimeter Surveillance Radar

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The FLIR Ranger® R5 is a ground-based radar, designed to withstand the rigors of a desert environment. Providing 24/7 security to ranges of up to 5,000 meters, the Ranger R5 scans a full 360° every second, effectively monitoring up to 78 square kilometers (30 square miles). Multiple units can be installed with overlapping coverage areas to protect larger areas such as borders. Network with FLIR EO/IR imagers to initiate slew-to-cue capability.

Additional information

Target Types

Moving, Less than 0.1 m/s min Vehicles and personnel

Target Velocity

0.1 to 50 m/s


Ka Band


0.7 m range, 1° azimuth

Scan Rate

One revolution per second (60 rpm)

Elevation Beamwidth

3.5° (2-way)

Elevation Control

Up: 3°; Down: 5° (fixed settings)

Input Power

20 to 30 VDC, 24 nominal

Radiated Power

Safe for human exposure


Ethernet, wireless, fiber



False Alarm Rates

< 1 per 24 hours

Mask Zone(s)

Two selectable angular blanking zones Unlimited polygon detection zones


8 per server; total unlimited


21.3 in h x 22.5 in diameter


37 lbs (17 kg)

Operating Range

10 – 5000 m

Detection Range**Clear air, low clutter

10 – 3000 m, personnel walking 10 – 3000 m, personnel running 10 – 500 m, personnel crawling (low crawl) 10 – 1000 m, personnel crawling (hands & knees) 10 – 500 m, personnel swimming 10 – 5000 m, vehicles and watercrafts

Coverage Area

78 km2 (30 mi2)


-30° to +60°C (operating) -40° to +70°C (storage)


50% +/- 5 to 95% +/- 4, non-condensing (60°C max)


Up to 15, 000 ft (operating and storage)


Up to 120 km/hr


Sealing Weather resistant (rain, snow, dust, sand, salt spray)

Power Consumption

45 watts

Environmental Ratings

IP65, NEMA 4

Data Bandwidth

Maximum: 1 MBits without PPIMaximum: 7 MBits with PPI


ICD 0100

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