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Ranger R3D

Long-Range Perimeter Surveillance Doppler Radar

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The Ranger R3D is a dual mode, ground surveillance radar designed to provide efficient, 24/7 persistent surveillance, both within and beyond the fence. Operating in the Ka-band, the Ranger R3D leverages the resolution and accuracy of advanced FMCW technology and the extended range and terrain adaptability of Doppler in a single, compact, and lightweight package. Ruggedized for permanent, all-weather installations and mobile, stop-and-scan operations, its low minimum detection velocity (MDV) detects slow-moving threats such as walkers and crawlers.

Additional information

Target Types

Moving, Less than 0.1m/s minimum for vehicles and personnel

Target Velocity

0.1 to 50 m/s


Ethernet, wireless, fiber


Yes (ICD-0100 compliant)

Target Information

Includes: ID; location: range & bearing; latitude & longitude; Confidence level; Heading; Speed; Time

Elevation Coverage

6°, 12° option

Elevation Control

Up: 2°; Down: 5° (fixed settings)

Input Power

20 to 32 VDC, 24 nominal

Radiated Power

Safe for human exposure

False Alarm Rate

< 1 per 24 hours (Fast Scan)

Mask Zone(s)

One angular detection zone (Doppler) Two selectable angular detection zones (Fast Scan) One selectable angular detection zone (Doppler) Unlimited polygon detection zones


Up to 8 per server; total unlimited


14.7” h x 18.3” diameter


29 lbs (14kg)

Power Consumption

40 watts

Operating Range

5 – 6, 500 m

Detection Range

5 – 3, 500 m, personnel walking 5 – 6, 500 m, vehicles and watercrafts

Coverage Area

133 km2 (53 mi2)


-30° to +65°C (operating) -40° to +70°C (storage)


50% to 95%, non-condensing (60°C max)


Up to 15 000 ft (operating and storage)


Up to 140 km/hr

Weather Sealing

IP 65 rating



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