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Ranger R3

Long-Range Perimeter Surveillance Radar

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The Ranger® R3 is a high-resolution radar that accurately detects personnel and vehicles at a range of up to 2,800 meters in virtually any climate, weather, or lighting condition to provide 24/7 security. Able to scan 360° every second to monitor more than 24 square kilometers (9.6 square miles), it can be integrated in an overlapping array with a variety of other radar and EO/IR units to conform to terrain profiles and protect larger areas such as borders.

Additional information

Target Types

Moving vehicles and personnel

Operating Range

5 m – 2800 m

Detection Range

5 m – > 500 m, Crawler 5 m – 1900 m, Personnel 5 m – 2500 m, Vehicles

Range Accuracy

2m typical

Target Speed

0.1 m/s or greater

Coverage Area

24 km2 (9.6 mi2)



Scan Rate

1 revolution per second

Azimuth Beamwidth

1° (2-way)

Elevation Beamwidth

6° (2-way)

Elevation Control

Up: 2.5°; down 10° (fixed settings)

False Alarm Rate

1 per 24 hours

Input Power

20 – 32 VDC

Radiated Power

Safe for human exposure


Ethernet; Intruder location (latitude/longitude, range/bearing, intruder course/velocity, signal quality)



RF Transmission Masks

2 configurable “no transmit” sectors 1° resolution


14.4” height x 18.25” diameter (364 x 461mm)


29 lbs (13.1 Kg)


-30°C to +65°C

Weather Sealing

IP66 rating


Up to 100%

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