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Ranger HDC MS

Long-Range, PAN-TILT, EOand IR Multi-Sensor with LRF

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The Ranger HDC MultiSensor system integrates the long range, mid-wave HD Ranger HDC with a variety of powerful daylight sensors, and optionally a Laser Range Finder, GPS, Digital Magnetic Compass, and Automatic Video Tracker. An array of advanced functions and options are available to meet the most demanding needs. All sensors on the Ranger HDC MultiSensor units are mounted on a fast and accurate Pan & Tilt unit.

Additional information

Detector type

Indium Antimonide (InSb): 1280×720 pixels

Spectral Range

3 – 5μm


1.35° (H) to 30° (H), (±7%), 16:9 format 0.92° (H) to 20.4° (H), (+/-7%), 16:9 format

Continuous zoom

Optical zoom 22x, Digital zoom 16x

Color TV

HD LR-TV 750/720 HD LR-TV 750/1080 HD LR-TV 1000/720 HD LR-TV 1000/1080

Focal length

12.5 – 750 mm 25 – 1500 mm with 2x extender 16.7 – 1000 mm 33.4 – 2000 mm with 2x extender

Narrow field-of-view

(H) 0.54°, 0.27° with 2x extender (H) 0.51°, 0.25° with 2x extender (H) 0.4°, 0.2° with 2x extender (H) 0.38°, 0.19° with 2x extender

Wide field-of-view

(H) 31.5° (H) 29.6° (H) 22.8° (H) 22.4°

Optical zoom

60x, 120x with 2x extender

Min sensitivity

3 lux 1 lux 3 lux, 0.5 lux @10Hz 1 lux, 0.17 lux @10Hz

Az Range; Az velocity

n x 360°; 0.03° – 100° / sec continuous

El Range; El velocity

± 90°; 0.03° – 100° / sec


± 0.5 mrad


0.2 mrad


Optionally available


Optionally available


Optionally available

Merlin ASX Turbulence filter

Optionally available, for IR camera or Color camera or for both IR camera and Color camera

Automatic Video tracker

Standard option

Electronic image stabilization

Standard option


Command and control, all functions and h. 264 video

Video out

2x HD SDI, and h.264

4-wire RS-485 full duplex

Command and control all functions

Input voltage

(+)31 VDC (operates between 18-32VDC)

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