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PRC15: Current and Voltage Calibrator/Meter

Precision Current & Voltage Source/Measure Calibrator

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The PRC15 enables plant maintenance and electrical technicians to test and calibrate a wide variety of process control equipment, including transmitters, transducers, indicators, sensors, instrumentation, robotic systems, thermocouples, and other industrial system components. Includes test leads, alligator clips, 100V-240V AC universal adaptor with 4 plugs, six AA batteries, and hard carrying case.

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Output 0 to 24mA current for loads up to 1000 ohms (-25% to 125%); Output 0 to 20V


0 to 50mA current signal (-25 to 230%); 0 to 19.99V


Provides power (24VDC) to loop & measures current


Ranges and Displays Resolution 0 to 19.99mA 0.01mA 0 to 24.0mA 0.1mA 0 to 1999mV 1mV 0 to 20.00V 10mV


0.01% ±1 digit


8.2oz (232g)

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