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MO260: Combination Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter

Monitor wood/building materials’ moisture content without surface damage

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MO260 is a Combination Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter which measures Relative Moisture in wood and other building materials using pinless technology plus % of Moisture in sheetrock and other materials using the direct pin method. Measurements are displayed on a digital LCD with backlighting and a tri-color LED bargraph. Pinless non-invasive measurement depth to 0.75″ (22mm) below the surface. Complete with 9V battery, replacement pins, protective cap, and pouch case.


Additional information


Pinless (Non-Penetrating): 0 to 99.9 (relative) Pin: 6.0 to 94.8% WME

Max Resolution

"Pinless (Non-Penetrating): 0.1 Pin: 0.1%


8×2.3×1.7" (203×58.4×43.2mm)


7.2oz (204g)

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