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MG320: CAT IV Insulation Tester/True RMS MultiMeter

20GΩ/1000V Insulation Tester with a True RMS MultiMeter

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Combines a portable 20GΩ/1000V Insulation Tester with a True RMS MultiMeter. Insulation tester includes PI/DAR modes, programmable timer, and a comparator for custom test configurations and quick results. Multimeter functions include AC/DC Voltage, Resistance, and Continuity Test. Manually store/recall up to 99 readings. Designed with rugged housing and large backlit 6,000 count LCD display with analog bargraph. Complete with test leads, alligator clip, 6 x AA batteries, and soft case.

Additional information

Insulation Resistance

50MΩ, 100MΩ, 200MΩ, 500MΩ, 2000MΩ, 1GΩ, 10GΩ, 20GΩ

Insulation Test Voltages

50V, 100V, 250V, 500V, 1000V

AC/DC Voltage






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