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MA260: True RMS 200A AC Open Jaw Clamp Meter

Compact AC Clamp Meter with Built-In NCV Detector


The MA260 is a True RMS 200A AC Open Jaw Clamp Meter. The MA260 has a built in NCV detector and can measure up to 200A in its 0.6 in. open jaw. True RMS for accurate readings of noisy, distorted or non-sinusoidal waveforms. Complete with test leads and two AAA batteries. UL listed with a CAT IV 600V safety rating.

Additional information

AC Current (max res.)

200A (0.1A)

AC/DC Voltage (max res.)

1000V (0.1V)

Non-Contact Voltage

80 to 1000V AC (50 to 60Hz)

Resistance (max res.)

10kΩ (1Ω)

Diode/ Continuity


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