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HD500: Psychrometer with InfraRed Thermometer

Humidity, Type K Thermometer and 30:1 InfraRed Thermometer

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The HD500 Psychrometer with Infrared Thermometer combines 3 in 1 with humidity meter, type K thermometer and infrared thermometer functions. The HD500 features a large triple LCD backlit display, built in USB port, minimum/maximum, data hold and auto power off functions. Built-in InfraRed Thermometer for non-contact temperature measurement to 932°F (500°C). Includes a 3 year warranty, Windows compatible software with USB cable, Type K bead wire probe, carrying case and 9-volt battery.

Additional information

InfraRed Thermometer

-58 to 932°F (-50 to 500°C)

Distance to Target Ratio


Type K Temperature

-148 to 2501°F (-100 to 1372°C)

Air Temperature

14 to 140°F (-10 to 60°C)

RH Range

0 to 100%RH

Wet Bulb

-6.88 to 140°F (-21.6 to 60°C)


10 x 2.9 x 2" (255 x 75 x 50mm)


12.3oz (350g)

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