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HAWK – VHF Alarm Transmitter

VHF Alarm Transmitter

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The Hawk is your all-in-one long range VHF alarm communicator.


7 hardwired positive or negative trip inputs
Up to 999 zones and 99 partitions reporting using the fast FSK protocol
On-board serial port with connection protocols to all the major alarm panels
Contact ID tip and ring interface to all leading alarm panels
Dedicated AC supply monitoring input
Built-in battery-low reporting with programmable delay time
10W transmitter power
Tamper-resistant antenna

Additional information

Low Voltage Alarm


Transmitter Radio Performace Tested to

ETSI 300-086

EMI tested to

EN 60 950

Mode of Operation


Power Requirements

35mA Standby, < 1.6A Transmitter Active

Frequency of Operation

Lowband 135 to 156MHz Highband 155 to 175MHz

Carrier Power

> 8W into 50E

Frequency Error

< 1kHz (0 to 55°C)

Spurious Conducted Components

< -36dBm (9kHZ to 1GHz) < -30dBm (1GHz to 4GHz)

Adjacent Channel Power

< -60dB

Frequency Deviation

< 2.5kHz (2.5kHz standard)

Transient Frequency Behaviour

To ETSI 300-086

Physical Dimensions

107x136x46mm (without antenna)


Plastic with steel insert for RF earthing



Product: HAWK – VHF Alarm Transmitter

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