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FSK Multi-Router – Global


The FSK Multi-Router is a VHF/GSM- and TCP_IP-based decoder and repeater for use with all FSK VHF and GSM equipment.


Multi-network capability
High speed 3G connections
Auto UTC date and time from cellular networks
Multi-technology: decodes all FSK VHF-, GSM- and TCP-IP-based alarm signals
Ethernet connection
Serial port connection to a monitoring computer
Built-in charger and standby battery

Additional information

Power Requirements

220V AC: < 2.5W Active OR 12V DC (11V to 14V): < 200mA 10A 20mm Fast Blow

Radio Performace tested to:

ETSI 300-086

EMI Tested to:


Safety to:

EN 60 950

Mode of Operation


Frequency of Operations:

135 to 175 MHz

Frequency Error:

<1kHz (0 to 55°C)

Adjacent Channel Selectivity

< – 70dB


"Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz GPRS multi-slot class 12/10 GPRS mobile station class B Complaint to GSM phase 2/2 + – Class 4 (2W@850/900MHz) – Class 11 (1W@1800/1900MHz)"

Product: FSK Multi-Router – Global

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