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Spot IR Thermometers

View datasheet – FLIR TG54/TG56


The TG54 and TG56 Spot IR (Infrared) Thermometers provide non-contact surface temperature readings so you can quickly and easily take measurements in places that are out of reach. Providing a distance-to-spot ratio of up to 30:1, the TG54 and TG56 can measure smaller targets from a safer distance. New mode options give you control to view your current reading and last two temperature readings simultaneously. The TG54 and TG56 are built with a color screen that makes it easy to navigate and select settings, plus adds visibility and efficiency to the advanced feature set. The TG54 and TG56 are your go-to, pocket-sized devices for efficient temperature measurement.

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-30˚C to 650˚C (-22°F to 1202°F)

Basic Accuracy

±1˚C/1.8°F or 1% of Reading


Adjustable with 4 presets and custom option


0.1˚C / 0.1˚F


≤150 Milliseconds

Spectral Response

5 to 14 micron

Input Range

-30˚C to 650˚C (-22°F to 1202°F)

Input Basic Accuracy

±2˚C/3.6°F or 1% of Readin

Measurement Resolution

0.1˚C / 0.1˚F

Included Type K Thermocouple Probe Range

-30˚C to 300˚C (-22°F to 572°F)

Display (w x h)

1.45” TFT LCD (128 x 128 pixels)

Laser Orientation

Single laser pointer to center of measurement spot, Class 1


5 Year

Drop Test

Designed for 3m

Continuous Run Time

8hrs Maximum

Power Source

3 x AAA alkaline

Auto Power Off

Yes with Pre-set adjustment level and Disable option


CE / FDA Laser


Wrist Strap Lanyard, Quick Start Guide, User Manual (CD), 3 x AAA Batteries, (TG56 adds General Purpose Type K Thermocouple)

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