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Portable, Long-Range, PAN/TILT Multi-Sensor with Spotlight

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The Ranger MS-LRTI™ deterrence system builds on the impressive capabilities of the Ranger MS-UC DefendIR™. Equipped with a day/low-light CCD camera and cooled InSb thermal imager, the Ranger MS-LRTI adds a high-power spotlight to detect, deter and temporarily disorient intruders. The 12 million candlepower spotlight can illuminate trespassers within a one-mile radius. With continuous thermal optical zoom, the Ranger MS-LRTI meets the requirements for any mission, from wide-area surveillance to long-range threat identification.

Additional information

Video Output

RS-170 (NTSC) or CCIR (PAL)

Serial Interface

RS-422 and 10/100 Ethernet

Operating Temperature

-15° to +60° C

Environmentally Sealed

MIL-STD-810, NEMA 4 & IP66

Pan & Tilt Slew Rate

0.1 to 30°/sec controlled

Azimuth Control

Continuous 360°

Pointing Accuracy & Repeatability

Pan ± 0.25°, Tilt ± 0.1°

Power Input

24 VDC +_ 20%

Power Consumption

Spotlight off: 22W Nominal (25W with Heaters) / 45W Maximum Spotlight on: 140W Nominal / 240W Maximum


33 lbs (15kg)


Cooled 640×512 InSb 15 μm

Frame Rate

30 Hz


640 x 512

Spectral Response

MWIR (3-5μm)

IR Lens

19-275mm, 2 to 30 degree field of view with continuous optical zoom

IR Digital Zoom

Continuous 1x to 4x


Motorized Remote focus

Gain / Level Controls

Automatic or manual

CCD Lens

Network Video Recorders (VMS)

Image Stabilization



Optical: 26x, Digital: 12x, Total: 312x

Minimum Illumination

2.0 lux at 1/60 sec (NTSC), 0.14 lux at 1/4 sec (NTSC)

Starlight Mode

0.7 lux at 1/60 sec (NTSC), 0.05 lux at 1/4 sec (NTSC)

Beam Width

Adjustable, 1° to 40°, By commands or Slaved

Light Output

12 MCP (Million Candle Power)

Illumination Range

1 lux on target at up to 1.5 miles (2.4 km), 850nm filter option

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