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Portable, Long-Range HD Thermal Imager

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The Ranger® HDC is a RealHD thermal imager with a 1280×720 cooled detector. Featuring the FLIR Image Processing Engine, the Ranger HDC provides exceptional long range thermal imaging performance and 22x continuous optical zoom to maintain situational awareness for effective target assessment.

Additional information

Detector type

Indium Antimonide (InSb): 1280 x 720 pixels

Spectral range

3–5 μm


1.35° (H) to 30° (H), (±7%), 16:9 format


One Shot Autofocus and Manual

Continuous Zoom options

Optical zoom 22x Digital zoom 16x

Video out

HD SDI according to SMPTE 292M GigE IP: H.264

Command and Control

TCP/IP, Gigabit Ethernet 1000 BASE-T, Nexus, and multiple standard protocols, 4-wire RS-485

Input power

18-32 VDC. MIL-STD 1275D (Normal Operating mode) 31 V recommended

Power consumption

When supplied with 28 VDC the power consumption is less than: – 110 W max during cool down, excluding defroster – 190 W max during cool down, including defroster (max value during the power consuming condition of cool down in combination with defroster, several minutes) – 90 W average after cool down, excluding defroster – 170 W average after cool down, including defroster – 240 W peak including cool down and defroster (Intermittent condition with all optical servos in motion, < 6 sec)

Operating temperature range

–40°C to +60°C (–40°F to +140°F)

Storage temperature range

-46°C to +71°C (–50.8°F to +160°F)



IP rating


Window defrosting


Automatic climate control

Day camera: Yes


<325 mm (12.8 inch)


<630 mm (24.8 inch)

Height with cover open

<365 mm (14.4 inch)

Height during coveroperation

<410 mm (16.1 inch)


<650 mm (25.6 inch)

Depth with cover closed

<670 mm (26.4 inch)

Depth during cover operation

<740 mm (29.1 inch)

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