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Mobile Vehicle Surveillance System

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The MVSS is a rugged, multi-spectral mobile surveillance system that provides rapid deployment and unmatched maneuverability. Multiple sensor packages along with command and control software are integrated into an industry tested vehicle, transforming the cab into the command center. Available in multiple range configurations, MVSS can also network its sensors with other FLIR vehicles and command and control nodes. It’s the most trusted mobile, long-range perimeter security system available.

Additional information

Radar Options

FMCW and Doppler options, Ka and X band, Drone and Ground Surveillance Panel Radars ranging up to 60km

Field of View (FOV)

0.5 degrees to 40 degrees

Focal Length

13 mm to 1200 mm

High Definition Imaging

Mid-Wave Infrared (MWIR) Visible/LowLight Near Infrared (NIR) Short Wave Infrared (SWIR)


Laser Designator Laser Rangefinder Laser Pointer (NIR & SWIR wavelength)

Cameleon™ Tactical

Track blending of multiple sensors, slew-to-cue of camera to radar, mapping functionality, zone management, video archiving and distribution, and alarm notification and management

Simultaneously Tracking

>500 Targets

Power Options

Battery, Generator and Shore Power


291 in. (739 cm)


96 in. (244 cm)

Height (mast stowed)

148 in. (376 cm)

Height (mast deployed at maximum,leveling jacks deployed)

312 in. (793 cm)

Standard Features

Silent Mode operation Hydraulic Leveling System Differential GPS Close-in CCTV Cameras Roof Mounted Air Conditioner Weather Station Generator Shore Power Connection Winch and Tow Hitch, Spare Tire Inclinometer Cab-integrated Operator Workstation Dual 17 inch displays System Management Unit with a Touchscreen Display

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