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Extech VB450: Vibration Meter

Wide Frequency Vibration Meter with Displacement, Velocity and Acceleration Measurements

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The VB450 is a convenient compact sized Vibration Meter which measures vibration levels in industrial machinery. Misalignment, poor balancing, structural compromises, and other factors can cause unwanted vibration increases. VB450 features a wide 10Hz to 1500Hz frequency range and provides Displacement, Velocity, and Acceleration measurement. Complete with remote sensor, magnetic mount, 9V battery, wrist strap, and soft case.


Additional information

Acceleration (Peak)

0.1 to 199.9 m/s2

Velocity (RMS)

0.1 to 199.9mm/s

Displacement (Peak-to-Peak)

1 to 1999µm


0.1m/s2, 0.1mm/s, 1µm

Basic accuracy

±(5% + 1 digit)


8.1oz (230g)

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