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Extech DVA30: Non-contact AC Voltage and Current Detector

Detects and pinpoints wide range Voltage and Current with Sensitivity adjust

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The DVA30 is the only two-in-one current/voltage detector designed for electrical testing. It detects AC voltage from 12-Volt to 600V and AC current from 200 mA at 0.2 in. distance and at much greater distances for larger current flow up to 1000 Amps. Sensitivity adjustments increase or reduce sensor trigger threshold. Audible and visual indicators show the presence of current or voltage. It can be used to trace concealed wires in walls and floors, identify hot wires, trace current flow where voltage detection does not work (behind walls, in conduits, through concrete, or underground). The sensitivity is high enough to trip on low voltage HVAC or similar signal levels. Complete with four LR44 button batteries and pocket clip.

Additional information

Voltage detection

12V to 600VAC

Current sensitivity

200mA (0.2A) AC at 0.2"

Audible indication

Beeper (Voltage & Current)

Visible indication

Flashing LED (Voltage & Current)

Frequency range

50 to 500Hz

Operating Humidity

< 80% RH


< 2000m

Power supply

(4) LR44 batteries or equivalent


2.1 oz. (60g)


7.6 x 1.2 x 0.9" (192x31x24mm)

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