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Extech CG104: Coating Thickness Tester

Measures the thickness of ferrous and non-ferrous substrates

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The CG104 is a pocket-sized coating thickness tester which offers quick one-handed operation and non-destructive measurements of the thickness of ferrous and non-ferrous substrates. Its unique reversible display allows you to take readings in challenging angles of area being measured, plus it has an easy-to use menu system and backlit display feature. Built-in memory stores/recalls up to 255 readings. Complete with two AAA batteries, calibration standards (one ferrous plate, one non-ferrous plate and one standard coating plate film), wrist strap and soft case.

Additional information

Working Principle

Ferrous: Magnetic Induction Non-Ferrous: Eddy Current

Measuring Range

Ferrous: 0 to 2000μm (0 to 80.0mils) Non-Ferrous: 0 to 1000μm (0 to 40.0mils)


Ferrous: 1μm (0.1mils) Non-Ferrous: 1μm (0.1mils)

Basic Accuracy

Ferrous: ±4 digits (0 to 7.8mils); ±10 digits (o to 199µm) ±3% (7.9 to 39.0mils); ±3% (200µm to 1000µm) ±5% (39.1 to 80.0mils); ±5% (1001µm to 2000µm) Non-Ferrous: ±4 digits (0 to 7.8mils); ±10digits (0 to 199µm); ±3% (7.9 to 39.0mils); ±3% (200µm to 1000µm);

Dimensions/ Weight

4.1×2.2×1.1" (105x55x27mm)/ 2.82oz (80g)

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