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EX363: 11 Function True RMS Multimeter

HVAC Multimeter with Non-Contact Voltage Detector & Type-K Temperature function

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The EX363 is a Compact HVAC True RMS MultiMeter with a Built in Non Contact Voltage Detector. Featuring highly accurate True RMS measurements, LoZ for the prevention of false readings caused by ghost voltages, .5% basic accuracy, a 1000V AC/DC volt range, resistance up to 40MΩ, continuity beeper with visual alert, smart data hold, peak hold, auto power off with disable, relative mode for capacitance zero and offset adjustment. Additionally, the EX363 excels in HVAC flame rod measurements with a µA function, as well as Type K Temperature measurements from -40 to 742°F (-40 to 394°C) and Frequency and Capacitance measurements. Complete with test leads, 9V battery, holster with tilt stand, general purpose bead wire temperature probe and built-in magnet.

Additional information

Basic Accuracy (DCV)


NCV Detector


DC/AC Voltage

0.1mV to 1000V

DC/AC µA Current



0.1Ω to 40MΩ


0.01Hz to 100kHz

Temperature (Type K)

-40 to 742°F (-40 to 394°C)

Diode Test/Continuity


Dimensions/ Weight

6.5×3.2×1.7" (164x82X44mm)/ 5.9oz (450g)

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