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DT500: Laser Distance Meter with Bluetooth

Transmits distance readings to Apple iOS mobile devices

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View distance measurements taken by the DT500 from a remote area on your iOS device. In addition to distance measurements, the meter’s built-in bubble level provides easy visual guidance on determining if a surface is level.

Additional information

Measurement Range

2" to 229' (0.05 to 70m) with a target plate 2" to 164' (0.05 to 50m) without a target plate

Accuracy (up to 32'/10m)

±0.06" (±1.5mm)


0.0625" (0.001m)

Length Add calculation

99'11" (99.99m)

Area calculation

999.99 sq. ft. (999.99m2 )

Laser Power Off

after 30 seconds

Auto Power Off

after 3 minutes

Dimensions/ Weight

5.3×2.3×1.3" (135 x 58 x 33mm)/ 7.2oz (203g)

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