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CG206: Coating Thickness Tester

Automatic recognition of ferrous and non-ferrous substrates

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Dual technology provides automatic recognition for ferrous and non-ferrous substrates without having you guess the material. Allows for quick, one-handed operation, non- destructive measurement of the coating thickness on various surfaces.

Additional information

Measuring Range

Ferrous: 0 to 1350μm (0 to 53mils) Non-Ferrous: 0 to 1350μm (0 to 53mils)


Ferrous: 0.1μm (0.004mils) Non-Ferrous: 0.1μm (0.004mils)


Ferrous: ±2.5% Non-Ferrous: ±2.5%

Minimum Curvature Radius

Ferrous: 1.5mm (59.06mils) Non-Ferrous: 3mm (118.1mils)

Minimum Diameter

Ferrous: 7mm (275.6mils) Non-Ferrous: 5mm (196.9mils)


4.5 x 2.1 x 1.1" (113.5 x 54 x 27mm)


3.9oz (110g)

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