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BR50: Video Borescope/Camera Tester

17mm camera diameter and 2.4″ Color TFT LCD Monitor

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BR50 is a Video borescope and camera tester with a 17mm camera diameter and 2.4 in. Color TFT LCD Monitor. Can also test installed surveillance cameras for correct target alignment. Applications include: Home inspection: Inspect in walls for mold, insect infestation, electrical wire or water pipe location; HVAC: Inspect inside ducts, behind motors and compressors; Automotive: View inside or around engines and transmissions; Government: Safety and security inspections; Industrial: Inspect weld integrity, process equipment, gears, molding machines; Aerospace: Aircraft inspections for contamination, debris, cracks or other damage. Comes complete with rechargeable Lithium battery, and Universal AC adapter and charger with USB cable.

Additional information

Sensor size


Sensor pixels

300, 000

Maximum frame rate

30 FPS

Color resolution

24 Bit

Focusing method

Fixed focus 15cm to 25cm (5.9" to 9.8")

Camera diameter

17mm (0.66")

LCD Display

2.4" Color LCD

Display resolution

480 (W) X 234 (H) pixels

Active area

48mm x 35.6mm (1.9 x 1.4")

Light Source

4 LEDs

Adjustable light intensity

6 illumination levels

Video format

NTSC/PAL (automatic conversion)


Rechargeable 1800mAH lithium battery

Current consumption

400mA max.

Standby current

5mA max.

Low battery warning

Voltage falls below 3.3V

Operating Temperature

32°F ~ 122°F (0°C ~ 50°C)

Relative Humidity

85% max.

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