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480823: Single axis EMF/ELF Meter

Single axis electromagnetic field measurements (30Hz to 300Hz)

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The Extech 480823 EMF/ELF meter allows you to measure electromagnetic field radiation levels from fans, electrical appliances, wiring, and power lines. Featuring a large 1/2 in. LCD display and a sampling time of 2.5 times per second, you can be assured of easy and accurate measurements. Readings available in both mill gauss or micro Tesla. Battery included.

Additional information


0 to 199.9mG (milligauss) 0 to 19.99╬╝Tesla

Frequency Bandwidth

30 to 300 Hz (ELF frequency range)


┬▒(4% + 3digits) at 50-60 Hz

Number of Axes

Single axis

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