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461950: Panel Mount Tachometer

Continuous & accurate readings from 5 to 99,990rpm

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The 461950 is a 1/8 DIN Panel Tachometer. Measure rotational motor speed, moving fans, pumps, gears, propeller devices. Choice of 2 sensor pickup types: Proximity sensor-0.1 in. (3 mm) target distance, range up to 36,000rpm (600Hz); Photoelectric sensor-0.4 in. (10 mm) target distance, range up to 6,000rpm (100Hz). 1/8 DIN size. Powered by 115/230VAC 50/60Hz.

Additional information


5 to 99, 990rpm

Basic accuracy



0.1rpm (5 to 1000rpm), 1rpm (1000 to 9999rpm), 10rpm (10, 000rpm to 99, 990rpm)


115V or 230V AC; 50/60Hz

Dimensions/ Weight

4.9x2x1.3" (124x50x33mm)/ 4oz (114g)

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