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461880: Vibration Meter + Laser/Contact Tachometer

Measures Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement plus RPM and Linear Surface Speed

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This Combination Vibration Meter and Laser Tachometer measures Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement plus Contact/Non-Contact RPM and Linear Surface Speed. Vibration Meter features remote sensor with magnetic adapter on 39-Inch cable, 10Hz to 1kHz frequency range, RMS or Peak value modes, and manual/auto store of up to 1000 readings. Tachometer features a laser for non-contact measurements of up to 4.9-feet, plus store/recall of last/min/max readings. Characters on the display reverse direction depending on contact, photo, or vibration mode. Meter comes complete with remote vibration sensor, magnetic mount, wheels for linear surface speed, reflective tape, 4 AA batteries, software with cable, and hard carrying case.


Additional information

Vibration MeterAcceleration

656ft/s², 200m/s², 20.39g (peak)


7.87in/s, 200mm/s, 19.99cm/s (peak)


0.078in, 2mm (peak-to-peak)


1ft/s², 0.1m/s², 0.01g; 0.01in/s, 0.1mm/s, 0.01cm/s; 0.001in, 0.001mm


0.5 to 19, 999rpm

Surface Speed

0.2 to 6, 560ft/min (0.05 to 1, 999.9m/min)

Basic accuracy

±(0.05%+1 digit)


7.4 x 3 x 1.8" (188 x 75.5 x 46.8mm)


1.12lbs (507g)

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