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407860: Heavy Duty Vibration Meter

Measure Acceleration, Velocity, and Displacement plus built-in PC interface

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407860 Heavy Duty Vibration Meter has a Velocity range of 7.87 in./s or 200 mm/s; Acceleration range of 656 ft./s or 200 m/s, and Displacement range of 0.078 in. or 2 mm. It features a basic accuracy of 5%, a remote vibration sensor (magnetic or stud mounted) with a 39 in. (1 m) cable, RMS, Peak Value measurement modes, and auto/manual store with recall of up to 500 readings. The captured readings can be downloaded to your PC for further analysis using the optional Windows compatible data logging software. Meter comes complete with remote sensor, magnetic mount, 9V battery, holster with stand, and case.


Additional information

Acceleration (max res)

656ft/s² (2ft/s²) or 200m/s² (0.5m/s²)

Velocity (max res)

7.87in/s (0.02in/s) or 200mm/s (0.5mm/s)

Displacement (max res)

0.078in (0.001in) or 1.999mm (0.001mm)

Basic accuracy


Dimensions (meter)

7.1×2.9×1.3" (180x72x32mm)

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