Short Range Wireless

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The FSK Short Range Wireless, a range of low cost Radio Remotes for everyday use. Available in 433 MHz complete with personalised button programming and the unique feature of an optional shielded panic button to eliminate false alarms.

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These sleek, handheld remotes come in a 1, 4 or 6 button with either legends or numbers to suit an array of applications. Receiver modules are offered in a 1 or 4 relay option, complete with master remote learning. This plug and play module is presented with an on-board serial port offering user ID on the majority of control panels as well as terminals for stand-alone use. The 433 MHz code hopping remote range can be extended by the high powered remote repeater. Choose the Short Range Wireless wonder that
works for you and your workplace.

433 / 403 Mhz Remote Control Receivers
• The 7 segment display enables easy programming
and user identifcation
• On board programming push button
• 12 – 24 Volt AC/DC power supply
• 1 or 4 Channel receivers available in 403 Mhz binary
/ trinary and 433 Mhz code hopping
• Secure code hopping protocol
• Master remote programming mode

433 Mhz Remote Repeater
• Hi-powered repeater
• Up to 8 intelligent repeaters per site
• Full talk-through facility
• Can repeat 433 Mhz code hopping formats
• Integrated standby backup battery
• Plug and play installation
• On-board serial port

433 / 403 Mhz Multi-button Learning Remote
• Any button can be programmed to transmit
binary or trinary on 403 Mhz by the user
• Any button can transmit a code hopping
signal on 433 Mhz
• Shielded panic button to eliminate false alarms
• On-board binary and trinary learn function
on 403 Mhz
• Available in one button, four button or six button