Multi Point Guard Monitoring Unit

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Where innovation meets wireless technology – the FSK Multi-point Guard Monitoring Unit (GMU) is a state-of-the-art stand-alone unit designed to monitor guards on patrol, in real time. Catering to a maximum of 20 guards on site via a tag-based system, in addition, the unit is also able to log in up to 20 supervisors visiting the site.

You can keep your site under control remotely, as the unit is able to report to the control room using the FSK GSM data networks, via FSK Long Range Radio, or by sending smses to 10 mobile numbers. Supervisors are able to set up shift and patrol parameters, and the GMU also boasts an on-board remote control receiver for guard panic and assistance requests. You can request 1-4 remotes per site and rest assured as the unit is mounted in a tamper-proof steel enclosure.

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• Up to 15 wireless patrol points
• Real-time monitoring. No historic downloads required
• Baton free operation
• Supports up to 20 guards and supervisors
• Supervisor configurable patrol parameters
• SMS message to 10 selected contacts
• Reporting via GSM and / or radio (GPRS / SMS)
• Configure shifts and patrol start / end times
• Configuration programmable
• On-board remote control receiver
• Event buffer download via serial port
• Event printing
• Internal charger and battery backup
• On-board 433 MHz remote receiver (panic and guard assistance)
• 1 or 4 button remote
• Tamper proof housing

Patrol configuration

• Patrol duration
• Patrol intervals
• Patrol route
• Patrol rest time
• Duration intervals
• Shift intervals
• Route configuration
• Lead and grace time
• Point to point intervals

Loading of patrol points

Time and date setup

View / download event log


• Patrol complete / fail
• Patrol too fast / slow
• Patrol points missed
• Patrol failed to start
• Guard on / off duty

Tamper proof housing