Hawk Long Range Radio Transmitter


The all –in-one, multi –panel compatible Long Range Radio Transmitter that saves your business money. The Hawk makes use of the advanced FSK Multi – Router TCP, which is a VHF to GSM repeater and base station that reliably sends security messages to your Control Room. The Hawk features universal Contact ID interface, serial interfacing into leading panels and seven dry contact input triggers.

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SKU: 5678

The Hawk offers Contact ID interface and hard wired options suitable for any installation. This results in substantial savings in both time and costs as a result of a simplified ordering process and a reduction in the need to maintain high levels of stock. The Hawk leverages existing tried and trusted FSK technology – the FSK Multi-Router TCP. This VHF to GSM repeater and base-station configuration is reputed for its ability to reliably send security messages to customer control rooms.